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Water change

InnerScapes offers sales and full installations of aquarium equipment as well as procurement and introduction of fish and Invertebrates to your system.  We hope you will enjoy our maintenance program for many years following your purchase.

Lease Option

Our leased aquariums are best suited for short-term applications.    With the lease option, there is no installation or eventual removal charges and all ongoing expenses are covered by our all-inclusive maintenance services.

Aquarium Maintenance

If you already have an aquarium or are considering the purchase of an aquarium, then you will undoubtedly be interested in a maintenance program to keep it looking attractive and healthy at all times.  Your aquarium services are carried out by trained and qualified staff. 

Maintenance services include:
Maintenance of visual presentation of aquarium
Maintenance of filtration, lighting, cooling and heating systems
Clean exterior and interior of aquarium surface
Water quality testing
Change chemical filtration media
Routine service of Skimmers, Reactors, etc.
Trace elements and vitamins as needed
Hydro clean gravel
Update tank decor
Water changes
Supply and introduction of R/O water (if applicable) as required
Supply and introduction of additives, conditioners, buffers, etc. as required
Administration of medications and treatments
Supply of fish food with important custom instructions regarding feeding 
Procurement and replacement service for livestock
Next day emergency service

Customized maintenance services  

If you are content with your own maintenance standards but require our help from time to time to bring the aquarium up to speed - just give us a call!   We  offer full consultation services.    Charges are based on man-hours and materials used.   More

Custom designed aquariums

For especially unique results, we offer  custom design services.   If you have any specific ideas for an aquarium or its cabinetwork or for all types of "built in" displays, we will consult as to the viability of the project and offer full planning, installation and maintenance services.  We work with architects, interior designers and with builders and carpenters, etc. to provide the results that you require.

InnerScapes will customize it's services to suit your needs and your budget !
Email us or call for a quote:
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